Keynote: How do you build content that people will love?

25 apr 2017
13:20 - 13:50
Odd Fellow Palæet

Keynote: How do you build content that people will love?

The simple answer is by understanding the ‘why’ beneath content.  Fortunately for us, ‘why’ is a consumer motivation.  It is what makes us human and gives us a consistent framework regardless of country and culture.  Through an in-depth exploration of 55,000 consumer interactions across the Globe, AOL have discovered 8 key ways through which we engage in content.  Join Anita Caras, International Research Director at AOL as she discusses these 8 content moments and get practical tips on how you can build content that is consumed, valued and loved.

3 Take-aways

  • Get to the crux of why people engage with digital content across the Globe.
  • Provides a consumer-centric framework that enables you to align your content creative with consumer expectations for optimal impact.
  • Enables you to go home with a checklist of considerations and best practices on how to create compelling content that people will love.

Case Study, Content Marketing Optimisation, Content Marketing Research, Content Strategy